5B Ms McMahon

Ms McMahon’s Fifth class




Question: How far can our sneeze/snot


1.Prepare a bottle full of 1/3 washing up liquid and 2/3 water. 







2. Lie the bottle on the ground.






3. Jump on the bottle to squirt the solution out replicating a sneeze.     









4. Measure how far the solution travelled. 







5. Record the results.










This month 5th class investigated breathing. We made fake lungs!


















Science Question: Are we removing all the germs when we wash our hand?


Some evidence of germs stuck under nails.

Using a UV light to investigate whether we have all germs cleaned off our hands after we wash them.

Lots of germs left on our hands after they are washed!


We used UV lights to investigate germs on our hands after washing them.

5th Class simulated germs using Glo-Germ.


We could see germs on our hands after we washed them.
































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                   A Poem by Sophia                                                                                                                                   A Poem by Daria

Horror, Horror Everywhere                                                                                                                           Happy Halloween

Horror, Horror Everywhere                                                                                                                       It’s late and we are sleepy

It’s in the closet over there.                                                                                                                          The air is cold and still.

It’s on the floor                                                                                                                                       Our Jack-O-Lantern looks at us 

It’s by the door                                                                                                                                              Upon the windowsill.

Perhaps I’ll explain it once more.                                                                                                          We’re filled with cake and candy

                                                                                                                                                                     and we’ve had a lot of fun

Horror Horror Everywhere                                                                                                                       But now it’s time to go to bed

I can feel it in the air                                                                                                                               And dream of what we’ve done.

It’s in the scary Halloween pumpkins                                                                                                   We’ll dream of ghosts and goblins

Everyone will dress as a scary somethin’                                                                                               And of witches that we’ve seen, 

                                                                                                                                                           And we’ll dream of ‘trick or treating’

Horror Horror Everywhere                                                                                                                     On this Happy Halloween!!

It’s taking over the fun fair!

It’s crawling up along the walls

Horror is when a monster CALLS!

The local Fire Department & An Garda Síochána came to speak to us about safety at Halloween.

5th class carried out some Halloween inspired science experiments. Here are a few pictures of us making slime!!

Getting the materials ready for the experiment!








Things started to get a little slimy….
 We experimented with colours and textures of slime.                                                     

5th class carried out an experiment to show that gas occupies space and has pressure.