Active Flag

Active Week

June 11th-June 15th

Active Week 2018 is fast approaching and we are very excited!

This is always one of the highlights of the school year for the children and staff at HFNS.

The Active School Committee will assist in putting together our timetable of events for the week. This will include a range of daily activities for each class group that will be integrated into our normal school day. All pupils will be assigned active homework!

Due to bad weather last year our student teacher match couldn’t go ahead! We look forward to this year’s rematch.

On Friday June 15th our Active Flag Activity Day will take place. This will be different from the other days as the children will be active for the full duration of the school day.



Now that the weather is improving extra yard time and astro-turf slots are being rewarded to classes highlighting ‘No sweets as treats’ to all. Our Active committee are also delivering the message of the winning slogan competition to classes ‘Being Active is Cool, especially at School’. Smile For a Mile will also start this month, whereby children will run for 5 minutes as a class weekly. A 126m perimeter was measured on the senior yard and children will record the number of laps ran in 5 minutes (on average) each week on the Active Board.




To link in with St. Patrick’s Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge classes are encouraged to do the Operation Transformation lesson transitions in Irish for the month. Mr Gavin is setting up a basketball tournament in the hall for 6th class during lunchtime and Mr Commins is setting up a soccer tournament for 4th class on the grass area in Forest Hills during lunchtime, where all children will be encouraged and welcome to take part. DEAD and WOW will continue. A slogan competition will take place too.

As part of the Active Flag we have been making a great effort, as a whole school, to increase our level of activity and fitness. Children should get 60 minutes of activity daily so it is our aim, as a school, to ensure that the children get some of this activity within school hours every day. This not only helps the children physically, but it has been proven that increased activity can improve mental health and educational development also.

Please take a look at how we have made activity an integral part of the school day in Holy Family NS:


Whole School Walk on Wednesday

Yoga with 2nd class


Dance in the hall at lunch

Sports day last June

PE in the hall

Active transitions in the classroom

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