Class Allocation

Allocation 2019/2020

All Allocations are subject to change at any time by the Principal

  2018/2019  (last Year) 2019/2020 – This Year
Jnr Infants A    

Ms. Hennigan

Jnr Infants B   Ms. Mannion
Jnr Infants C   Ms. Creed
Snr Infants A  

Mr. Sutton/

Ms. Maher

Ms. Graham
Snr Infants B Ms. Mannion/

Ms. Crowe

Ms. Flanagan
Snr Infants C Ms. Creed /

Ms. McGinley

Ms. Barron
Rang 1 A Ms. Graham Mr. Cannon
Rang 1 B Ms. Flanagan Ms. Butler

(Ms Kelly 2020)

Rang 1C Ms. Ryan Ms. Higgins
Rang 2A Mr. Cannon Ms. Cullen
Rang 2B Ms. Higgins Mr. Commins
Rang 2C Ms. NicGhiolla Rua Mr. Sutton
Rang 3A Ms. Cullen Mr. Mulligan
Rang 3B Mr. Commins Ms. Clifford
Rang 4A Ms. Cronin Ms. Merry
Rang 4B Ms. Malone Ms. Malone
Rang 4C Mr. Holmes Mr. Holmes
Rang 5A Ms. Clifford Mr. Gavin
Rang 5B Ms. Merry Ms. Ryan
Rang 5C Ms. McKelvey Ms. McKelvey
Rang 5D Mr. Mulligan Ms. McMahon
Rang 6A Mr. Gavin Ms. Hartnett
Rang 6B Mr. Boggins Ms. Cleary
Rang 6C Ms. McMahon Mr. Hill