Ms Clifford

Ms Clifford



A couple of weeks ago we did pop art in 4th class with Miss Clifford, based on Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art. It was an awesome day. All the art was amazing, colourful and very creative. There is so much pop art hanging on our school walls. Thank you Roy Lichtenstein for inspiring us!

  by Hazel



Consider Yourself

In school we are just after learning a song called Consider Yourself. This song is from the musical called Oliver. We had to do auditions for different parts. The first part was Oliver and Dodger talking at the very start. Two boys had to get those parts, but it didn’t matter with the other parts. The next part was a Solo, a girl got that part. The final part was a duet which two other girls got. The rest of us were the choir. I did not get any part but I still had great fun, and so did the rest of the class. We also recorded it. It took a few tries but we did it. I enjoyed it very much.

                                         BY  ISOBEL