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                      WELCOME TO HOLY FAMILY STUDENT COUNCIL Last Update 18/01/18

               “Your Choice, Your Voice”

School Year 2018-2019

Click below to keep up to date with the SC. Thanks to Philip, our student council editor 02/04/2019 

Philip – Student Council Page Events

School Year 2017-2018

We are made up of representatives from 4th, 5th and 6th class. We were elected by our class mates in 2017. To date we have worked on improving the playground by providing hula hoops, chalk and notice boards.

Last year we celebrated the end of the school year by providing everyone in the school with ice cream. We also launched a summer diary competition by providing everyone in the school with their own personal diary.

In June we “Thank Bombed” Honor, Sean and the cleaning staff with messages of thanks and appreciation.        

Our Bric – A – Brac sale raised €150 for Childline.


2018 Student Council



Student Council Shop opened on December 4th 2017

Our school shop sells pens, pencils, note pads, glue sticks, glitter, raisins, water, colouring books, novelty items etc.
We are also supporting our entrepreneurs within the school. Some of our pupils have had great success making craft items which have been sold by the shop. All profits go to the entrepreneur.

Why not try your entrepreneurial skills and make something for the shop today. We are always looking for exciting new stock.




Student Council Book Exchange

To celebrate our love of books and our support and commitment to the schools Green Flag initiative, we are establishing a book exchange. Currently we are collecting books. In return each child will receive a token per book which  they can later redeem at the book exchange.


Odd Sock Day Coming Soon  – To raise more funds for Childline and to support our Amber Flag Initiative, bringing to mind our mental health and Wellbeing.

HFNS pupils react to the latest news on the notice board that every child will receive an ice cream – June 2017