HFNS Staff Email addresses

HFNS staff have the right to switch off and the right to reply when is convenient.

Staff members will reply to emails during working hours and at a time convenient to them that does not impinge on teaching time.

Parents are requested to consider whether their email is necessary as each email sent takes from teacher class and preparation time.

Jnr Infants AMs. Hennigan   mshennigan@holyfamilyns.ie
Jnr Infants BMs. McKinley         msmckinley@holyfamilyns.ie
Jnr Infants CMs. Kelly             mslaurakelly@holyfamilyns.ie
Snr Infants AMs. Kelliher       mskelliher@holyfamilyns.ie
Snr Infants BMr. Brosnanmrbrosnan@holyfamilyns.ie
Snr Infants CMs. Ashemsashe@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 1 AMs. Fortunemsfortune@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 1 BMs. Broderickmsbroderick@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 1CMs. Harrisonmsharrison@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 1CMs. Higginsmshiggins@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 2AMr. Clearymscleary@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 2BMs. Flanaganmsflanagan@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 2CMr. Rochemrroche@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 3AMs. Cullenmscullen@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 3BMr. Dugganmrduggan@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 3CMr. Wattsmrwatts@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 4AMr. Holmesmrholmes@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 4BMs. Butlermsbutler@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 4CMr. Greenemrgreene@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 5AMs. Maguiremsmaguire@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 5BMs. O Donovanmsodonovan@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 5CMs. Sheridanmssheridan@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 6AMs. Hartnettmshartnett@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 6BMs. Harlowmsharlow@holyfamilyns.ie
Rang 6C Mr. Hillmrhill@holyfamilyns.ie
EALMr. Gavinmrgavin@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Ms Dempseymsdempsey@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Mr Bogginsmrboggins@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Ms Meeganmsmeegan@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Ms Mahermsmaher@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Ms Kellymskelly@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Mr Hickeymrhickey@holyfamilyns.ie
SET Ms. Malonemsmalone@holyfamilyns.ie
SETMr. E Byrnemrbyrnesest@holyfamilyns.ie
SETMs. Meliamsmelia@holyfamilyns.ie
 SETMr. Halpinmrhalpin@holyfamilyns.ie
PrincipalMr. C Byrneprincipal@holyfamilyns.ie
Deputy PrincipalMs. Fiona Harandeputyprincipal@holyfamilyns.ie
SecretaryEmma Howlinsecretary@holyfamilyns.ie
Junior SecretaryClaire Cartersecretaryclaire@holyfamilyns.ie